Our values


Offer a wide range of medical services that provide new and innovative therapeutic options at the service of our population, our patients and their families.


To be a leading company and at the forefront of science and humanity to achieve quality and warm coverage in the health care of our patients and their families.


Resolution, commitment, excellence, quality, efficiency and innovation


"tengo la experiencia de los años vividos y la fuerza de la convicción de mis deseos"

Jóse Saramago

Our specialist doctors
Dra. Eunice Garcia A.

Medical specialist in clinical oncology

Dr. Felix Santiago G.

Medical specialist in radio oncology

Dra. Christian Becerril M.

Medical specialist in gynecologic oncology

Gral. Rodolfo G. Robles 3,

Col. López Mateos

Cp. 82140. Mazatlán. MEX.

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