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Service hours:

Monday         suspended

Tuesday         by appointment only

Wednesday   suspended

Thursday       by appointment only

Friday            suspended

Saturday        by appointment only

Sunday           closed

Our services:
Our Specialists:
  • Clinical oncology

  • Radiotherapy-oncology

  • Medical nutrition

  • Gynecology-oncology

  • Chemotherapy

  • Specialty pharmacy

  • Immunotherapy



cita para quimioterapia SINCANCER Oncology center mazatlán

Oncology boutique

turbante oncológico rojo de venta en sincancer oncology center mazatlán
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tienda de productos oncológicos SINCANCER Oncology center mazatlán
Bra oncológico
servicios en sincancer oncology center mazatlán
médicos especialistas en cáncer sincancer oncology center mazatlán
quimioterapia sincancer oncology center mazatlán

Do you need any medicine?

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Prótesis de mama

"SINCANCER oncology center Mazatlán offers chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy, cutting-edge immunotherapy for cancer and as a medical clinic we have various medical specialists"

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