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How will we face the epidemic?

last change April 1, 2020

In the most responsible way, that is, we know that the union of all by staying at home will mark an important change in this epidemic and in order not to neglect our patients, we modify the hours of attention and add a new way of keeping in touch (telemedicine) to a special price to support the family economy.

And the new schedules? ....

To limit the contagion of our patients, we have arranged care on Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturdays at a more spaced time between each appointment and with consultations limited to three per day; EXCLUSIVELY BY APPOINTMENT

How do I make my appointment?

We have several options: you can call us by phone from 2 pm-8pm to 669 155-32-14 or at any time write to us at:

What options do we have for attention?

We have face-to-face care in the office on Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday and we have also implemented remote care or TELEMEDICINE, in this way we can continue to attend and not expose you or others to contagion unnecessarily.

I am interested in a Telemedicine consultation

What I do?

1- Write or call us to request payment details

2- Make the payment of the consultation with one of the options: bank transfer / card deposit / credit card payment

3- Send us the payment receipt to along with the patient's name and a contact telephone number

4- We will call or write to give you the available times along with additional instructions

5- Wait for the call or video conference of the specialist doctor to have the consultation

And the costs? ...

In-person consultations are maintained at our usual costs and telemedicine care in support of the family economy is offered at a special discount, (call us for more details, because of internet policies we are not authorized to publish prices).

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